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Terms and Conditions

Individuals of age below 12 years cannot participate in the communities/polls/forums/blogs of this website. We advice individuals below the age of 12 years not to proceed with this registration process.

By virtue of you completing the process of registering yourself as a registered user, you agree and are aware that the personal information filled in by you will be personal information in the online space.

You agree to post, knowingly or unknowingly, only the material/photograph to which you have rights, legal or otherwise.

You shall be solely responsible for any content, message, material or photograph posted by you on the website and its microsites, and you agree to indemnify and keep Procam International, this forum, its agents and sponsors/partners associated with the Events promoted by Procam International against any/all charges and damages by virtue of you posting such content.

You understand and agree that any material posted by you through this website’s communities/forums/blogs which may be or deemed to be obscene, irrelevant, inaccurate, maligning, derogatory, threatening, invades privacy of others or violates any laws of the land, will be deleted. You also agree that Procam International reserves the right to ban such individual as a registered user of this website and its microsites.

Procam International shall not be held responsible for the messages/content posted on this website by any registered user and the accuracy of the same, and that Procam International shall reserve the rights to ban such messages for whatsoever reasons.

If you do find any posts are objectionable then please contact us by e-mail at

By proceeding to register here, you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of this website and those listed above.

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