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Thank you Mumbai – for Giving the Right Way!!!

 On behalf of the 269 NGOs participating in the 11th edition of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, a huge “THANK YOU’ from United Way of Mumbai, for the incredible support, spirit and solidarity for the various causes by all participants. The Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon is not only the biggest sporting event in India, it is also the biggest charity event in Asia. This edition of SCMM has already broken all previous charity records with the highest number of donors, donations and participants supporting a cause. An amazing 2600+ people and 171 corporations have stepped up to raise funds for a cause close to their heart.

 We, at United Way of Mumbai, continue to be amazed and humbled by the sheer generosity and willingness of people who have extended themselves for a cause that is important. The entire charity aspect of the event is based on the touching gesture of each person who chooses to make a difference in the lives of those not as fortunate. Our heartfelt gratitude to those who did and to everyone else who supported a cause in any capacity they could. We thank you for your support and effort in raising the stature of this event to one with a lasting legacy by raising funds for those not as privileged. Every rupee raised has a positive impact. The SCMM is an event that gets over within 5 hours but the impact of the event lives on in the lives of the beneficiaries supported.

 Charity is not a rational decision, it is linked to your heart and how you feel and empathize with issues that really need to be addressed. It takes a good person to give and this edition of the SCMM has opened our eyes to how many incredibly good people are out there, quietly, consistently doing their bit to help change our world. The act of giving however can be a rational decision. Choosing to give in a structured more impactful manner which works to solve issues from the root rather than random acts that work only superficially, is a well thought out decision. Each of the 269 NGOs registered with us has a plan to address the issues they have taken up to combat and with every support they have received, they are that much stronger now to tackle it. So, we urged you to Give the Right Way. And, you did…!!!

We have now drawn to a close on this year’s fundraising effort for SCMM’14 and are currently reconciling and disbursing the funds to NGO’s as well as sending the 80G receipts to all donors. The results of the fundraising effort will be declared in the first week of March.

 We would love to hear from you with feedback on how we can make the charity aspect of the SCMM, better, easier and more comfortable experience for you. Your experience, expertise and advice will go a long way in helping us take this platform for giving to a greater level. Do drop us a line at



 George Aikara,

Asst Executive Director,

United Way Mumbai

Winner of Overall Elite Women, SCMM 2014
Winner of Overall Elite Men, SCMM 2014


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