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Kamna Desai is a Clinical Dietitian, Sports Nutritionist and Diabetes Educator with more than 12 yrs of experience. She is a firm believer that foods can heal as well as nourish

She has a Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service. During graduation, she topped the Mumbai University in Food Science and Quality Control. She has worked with various Indian and Multinational Companies as a Corporate Dietician, and has given numerous talks on health and nutrition at various forums.

Her professional credentials include setting up a forum known as Nutrition Quest which is a Continuous Nutrition Education (CNE) program for Dietitians and Nutritionists in Mumbai. Her clientele includes many famous personalities and celebrities. She also writes extensively on food and nutrition for various publications such as Complete Wellbeing, The Health Times, and Mother’s World. Get in touch with her: and +91 7710033331

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Questions and Answers

  • Madam, Is it true a normal adult  running 10K in 1 hour pace, he would not need water for the first hour(till approx 10K). Which are the conditions in which this is true and what

    by D. S. Venkat

    Dear Mr. D S Venkat,There is no such thing as “ no need to hydrate” for the first hour or first 10K. Hydration is of prime importance while on the run. You need to hydrate the day prior to the race and make sure your urine is colourless to pale yellow. On the day of the race make sure you atleast have 400ml to 600ml of fluids before the race and while on the run keep sipping water or take 200ml every 20 mins into the race. Let nobody convince you they you don’t need water in Mumbai weather when on the run. There may be people practicing this but that is completely an individual choice where the results could be even injurious. Try sipping EnerzaL while on the run as it has fluids with carbs to restore energy and vital electrolytes to replenish lost body salts.

  • Whats the best form of pre-race terms of fluid used, volume and rate of intake? I have been using the usual ORS for it over past three years..2-3ltr over the 24hr

    by Muthukrishnan Jayaraman Aged 43

    Dear Muthukrishnan Jayaraman, Pre-race hydration is as important as during race and post-race hydration. Optimal pre-race hydration can be achieved by ensuring the urine colour is colourless to pale yellow in the night before the run. Pre-race hydration can be ensured by consuming fluids like lime juice, vegetable juices, soups,  buttermilk, coconut water and EnerzaL. The  individual requirement of fluids would vary on the sweat rate of the individual, climatic conditions and FIT ( Frequency, Intensity and Time ) during the run.  The normal fluid requirement for a male is around 3.1 litres whereas for a female the fluid requirement is approximately 2.7 litres on a day to day basis. While a person is training / running his/ her requirements usually goes higher. ORS contains only small quantity of carbohydrates, sodium, potassium and chloride. A balanced energy drink such as Enerzal offers glucose for instant energy, sucrose for sustained energy (improves endurance) and 5 vital electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride (prevents muscle cramps).

  • In case of runners knee, what techniques/ training will help ?

    by Sid Aged 33

    Dear Sid, We have a  feature known as Ask the Doctor on our website. I recommend that you ask your queries about medical conditions and injuries to the medicos on Ask the Doctor feature, while I can address any queries you have pertaining to nutrition and hydration. Thanks.

  • Hi I attended the 30th nov 2013 session of u r on hydration. I am using electral powder with one litre water. I would like to know which one (enerzal or electal powder) is better from runner point of view as both products of the same company. So every 10 min we have to sip 20 ml roughly is that equation correct? pl advice on above.

    by Vandesh Wani

    From the runners point of view, EnerzaL is the best product as it has additional nutrients like extra carbs, magnesium and calcium apart from the sodium, potassium, chloride that even Electral has. Every 10 mins 100ml and accordingly every hour almost 500ml to 600ml of enerzal while running. 50 gms Enerzal sachet should be added to 600ml of water whereas 100 gms Enerzal sachet should be added to 1300ml of water.

  • After running few kms..especially after 3-4 kms, I feel pain, sometimes on the right side of stomach, sometimes left, near kidney area! I stop running and the pain subsides, i normally have 1 banana before the run and drink water during run only to keep mouth re-hyderated. Please help and suggest way forward. Thank you!!

    by NIRAL Aged 29

    Dear Niral,  The pain that you have on the sides of the stomach is known as a side stitch. Side stitch  is nothing but muscle cramps because your body is unprepared for the additional stress of running.

     If running without a proper breakfast, muscles and liver do not have enough energy to push forward. Ensure you take a proper breakfast loaded with carbohydrate like bread and jam, pasta, fruits, etc. While banana is recommended before a run, just having a banana or two before a run without any breakfast could be detrimental. The breakfast should be spaced atleast 1.5 to 2 hours before the run.  Also ensure you keep on hydrating every 20 mins into the run with 200ml water. Just rehydrating your mouth with sips (not more than 20 to 50 ml) is quite less as compared to what you are losing by way of sweat. Through sweat you also lose electrolytes and energy.

     You need to replace this energy and electrolytes with a balanced energy drink like Enerzal,  which offers instant energy (through glucose), sustained energy (through sucrose) and 5 vital electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium & Chloride.

     Enerzal will be served at the drink stations during SCMM ‘14

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