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What to wear

I recently returned from a Blood Test that showed that I was deficient in Vitamin D3- known as ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’. How could this happen to me- a runner, who spends at least 45 minutes out in the early morning sun? I was in denial, till the doctor told me about how my clothing could make a huge difference.

Many of us, especially female runners, tend to cover up too much when we get out and run. Though we are thinking of safety, we’re omitting the important factor of allowing the sun’s rays to get absorbed by our skin. When choosing our workout wear, we only think of comfort and breathability. But from my own experience, here’s another significant issue that we need to look into- coverage.

Discard your jackets and full pants. Opt for shorts or 3/4ths, and a t-shirt. Keep the sunscreen away too! The idea is to expose unprotected skin to the morning sun for a minimum of 20 minutes daily. (Don’t overdo it though, as too much of anything isn’t good for you!) We’re guessing most of you have indoor jobs, travel by car and sit concealed in an air-conditioned room all day, so you need to allow your skin to meet the sun’s rays as much as possible when you run.

For those of you who run at other times in the day, or in the evening, you might not have realized how you are missing out on this necessity. If possible, shift your running hours to anytime before midday.

Clothing is a very important

Clothing is a very important thing. And this post is really helped me a lot.

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Thank you so much for sharing very useful information and you are telling the truth. If you run regularly, it's a good idea to invest in some technical running clothes. Unlike cotton clothing, synthetic fabrics, such as CoolMax or Dri-Fit, wick moisture away from your skin, so you'll stay dry and comfortable during your runs. However, technical running clothes are not cheap, so it's important to care for them properly. I am also a trainer in running working in a Professional resume writing service. Can spending more time in the sun improve athletic performance? The ancient Greeks believed athletes should be well bathed by the sun, and their elite athletes trained at the beach, and in the nude. The latter might be difficult in today’s society, but if your vitamin D levels are too low, the sun can definitely improve your training and racing performance.

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The Eagles and the "No Rings" Argument

See! It is real! Hello Everyone! If you're like me you've probably heard from a rival fan that the Eagles have never won a Superbowl. I know it is quite shocking, but sadly yes it is true. However, there is good news, the Eagles did manage to win some NFL championships back in the day before they decided to change the name. Now while that does not exclude them from the "No Superbowl" comment, the team did in fact earn "rings" for winning those three championships. For some odd reason most of our rival fan-bases say these don't count, and I'm always kind of dumbfounded why. I mean, were those teams just figments of our imaginations? Or do they just like to ignore history? I am in no way denying that 1960 was a long time ago http://www.eaglesstoreofficial.com/15-Eagles_Blake_Countess_Jersey, but last I checked it still happened. But again, they all say it doesn't count, and then they go on to list a bunch of nonsensical reasons to justify their stance. Lets take a look shall we?Not Enough TeamsThis is the most common defense I hear of the "no rings" argument Derrick Lott Jersey. Paraphrasing, but its usually something like... "Well there was only like 5 teams back then Caleb Sturgis Jersey.." During the 1960 season there were currently 13 NFL Teams. Not a lot by today's standards, however it was right in line with the other four major sports during the same era. Baseball had 16 teams, the NBA 8, and the NHL was still stuck on the original 6. The other league champions that year? The Pirates, the Blackhawks, and the Celtics. I don't know about you, but I've never heard anyone deny that the Celtics have a 1960 championship ring, or that the Hawks names aren't inscribed into Lord Stanley simply because there were not a lot of teams back then. How strange...Not Enough CompetitionThe second argument is usually that there wasn't as many good players http://www.eaglesstoreofficial.com/55-Eagles_Jerome_Brown_Jersey, and the Eagles just rolled through a bunch of nobodies. In 1960, the NFL's leading rusher was some guy named Jim Brown? Pfft never heard of him. The leading passer you ask? Again some no name guy.. Johnny Unitas. So all the while the Eagles blew through a schedule full of players that would certainly never be worthy of the hall of fame. Then came the championship match up with the Packers. Quarterbacked by one Bart Starr, and coached by some dude named Vince Lombardi . Obviously even then the league boasted star players with all world talents. With competition like that I believe the Eagles earned their championship by beating the teams and players put in front on them on the field by simply just being better. Again just like with the teams argument, the other major sports also had star power and hall of fame players during this era of their history which no one seems to ignore.Nothing counted before the MergerThis one is always my favorite, and it kind of ties into the previous two arguments. Most people seem to think the NFL was founded in 1970 when the merger happened. Ummmm no. The NFL was founded back in 1920. The merger was a result of the AFL actually almost becoming relevant instead of just a side show. But in reality, money and TV deals made the two leagues play nice and agree to merge upon the 1970 season. The 1960 season was the AFL's inaugural one, and a bad product was met with low attendance and interest. Over time it would improve but initially it held no sway over the NFL. While the merger was good for the league and the sport, it doesn't diminish what happened before it. It was simply another form of expansion that the league had already done, and would continue to do up to the present day. Are we to say that every time the league expands past championships are forgotten? Because if that's the case, only a few teams have won titles and "have rings". The Texans haven't been around that long. And again all the other major sports have experienced expansion and mergers through their history. And again all of their teams titles and rings remain intact. Honestly this is their weakest argument, as the league will continue to grow and get bigger forever and ever. To try and penalize a team for the leagues past is just lazy.ConclusionIn the end, I'm not really sure if our rival fan-bases even care. And its not just them, most NFL fans I come across don't acknowledge the past. And frankly if you don't respect the history of the game how can you appreciate it. All the major sports can be traced back almost 75 years at this point. And not a single one is the same as it was back then. From the players, the teams, or hell even the rules. They've all changed. But it doesn't change the fact that Boston won the championship in 1903 , or the Maple Leafs in 32'. And it doesn't change the the fact that the Philadelphia Eagles won a championship in 1960, and have a ring to show for it . In the end, I doubt I can change the narrative that has been established by current NFL fans, but hopefully I provided you with some ammo for your comment thread or some food for thought if you're just checking this out http://www.eaglesstoreofficial.com/94-Eagles_Tommy_Mcdonald_Jersey. So while the Eagles do not have a super bowl trophy, they do in fact "have rings".

It was really surprising for

It was really surprising for me that a runner like you does have deficiency of Vitamin D3- known as ‘The Sunshine Vitamin’. I guess most sportswomen does the practice in similiar way as covering body well and run. Your experience might help people to be aware about having morning walk requirement for body. lip moisturizer

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