Most common running related myths

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Most common running related myths

“Oh! I never thought you’d be a runner!”
That’s what someone told me some time ago, and they should be really grateful about me letting them finish their sentence without being punched! There are so many things like that that people openly discuss, without knowing that it makes no sense at all! Let’s discuss some of these myths and bust ‘em immediately!

- Having a particular body type: One of the most commonly believed myths about running is that only certain people are built for it. My response- Go and watch a marathon. When you see the different kinds of people who participate in it, you’ll realize how mindless your statement is!

- Stretch before you run: “Stretching is an important way to warm up before a run, and can boost performance.” WRONG! Warming up is necessary, but stretching cold muscles prior to a run can cause injury. The best time for stretches is after a run, helping your body cool down.

- Running barefoot is better than running with shoes: This might be a newer trend in running, but isn’t particularly safe. The impact on your feet and joints will be more than usual, due to a lack of cushioning, and this can hurt your back and knees. We know that the feeling on grass on bare feet is heavenly, but let’s keep that for after running, shall we?

I’m sure this list is endless! What else have you heard about runners and running that made you want to laugh out loud?

Running Rounds - good ?

I run full marathon. Near residence, we have a circle of 2 kms. periphery. Do I run 11 rounds of this for 22 km of pracitce ? or do I run straight 11 kms to and fro ?

I would like to say something

I would like to say something about myths about running. Anyone with any body type can run. Steven Tally a coach explained: I tell people to come out to a race and watch and you will see people of all shapes and strides.

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