Keeping yourself distracted when you run

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Keeping yourself distracted when you run

Distractions aren't always a good thing, but sometimes, too much focus on your activities and your approaching goals can stress you out, and also make reaching that finish line a more uphill task than it actually is! This is when distractions work best, because though we might be physically able to complete our activities, our ‘scumbag’ brains keep telling our legs to stop!

Some ways to distract yourself on long runs are:

i. Listen to an audiobook- Listening to music is common, but have you tried audiobooks? Sometimes, you can get so caught up in a story that you will never notice how time flies!
ii. Run with a buddy- Chatting as you run is another way to completely ignore the distances and time! It’s as good as whiling away time in a coffee shop, except that here, you’re getting something done as you do that!
iii. Dedicate and motivate- Before you begin your run, dedicate it to someone you love, or lost, or for a cause. A mental goal like that can do wonders!
iv. Choose your track well- Running around the same place a number of times can get boring, and running too far away from where you started can make the run seem longer than it actually is! So choose a track that will keep you interested, and tell your brain that you aren't far away from the finish line, no matter what.
Every runner has their own ways to distract themselves during long runs. What’s your trick? Let’s share and learn!

Getting distracted

Hi Vilasini, just registered and was going thru forum topics before I hit the track in SCMM tomorrow. Yes, you said it ! Getting your mind off the task at hand and letting your body do the "running-management" in a kind of auto pilot mode , at various times during the run, naturally helps ! Of the techniques suggested by you, what I have instinctively been using is to push myself with a cause....for instance yesterday I consummated my practice running, merely remembering and dedicating my run to the 132 odd children , whose lives were snuffed out in mere seconds by terrorist bullets ! I suggest and pray more runners will dedicate their run to such causes ! Good luck !

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ya thats true, very inspiring at all, I was so happy with what you say.

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