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Description: Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
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Description: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon
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TCS World 10K

Description: Tata Consultancy Services World 10K Bangalore 2011
Members: 98

Ask the Coach

Description: Ask the Coach
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Dr. Aashish Contractor is the Head of the department of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation at the Asian Heart Institute. Dr. Contractor has worked and trained in the United States, under the leading authorities and pioneers in his field. He completed his medical training at the TN Medical College, Mumbai and post-graduate training at the Univ of Virginia, USA.

Dr. Contractor returned to India and set up the department of Preventive Cardiology and Rehabilitation at the Asian Heart Institute, and has been with the Institute, since its inception. The Asian Heart Institute has been rated as the best private cardiac care hospital in India, in 2011 and 2012. Dr. Contractor had the distinction of being part of the team of doctors who treated the Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh, after his redo bypass surgery in January 2009, and was in charge of his post surgery cardiac rehabilitation.

Dr. Contractor has several scientific publications, both in textbooks as well as Journals. He is a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Chester, United Kingdom and serves as the Certification Director of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) in India, since November, 2003. He is also the Vice-Chairman of the International Council of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation.

Dr. Contractor has been the Medical Director for the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon, since its inception in 2004. He is an avid sportsman himself, having run several marathons, and in April 2012, did a non-stop Mumbai - Pune - Mumbai cycle ride (329 km) and in the process raised 1.15 crores (USD 200,000) for children with cancer.

If you have any questions on Injury/ Nutrition/ Medical conditions related to running for the marathon/half marathon, you can send these to Dr. Aashish Contractor.

To seek better advice from Dr. Contractor, mention your following details :

1. Age -

2. Gender -

3. Any existing medical condition -

4. Your running history -

Disclaimer: The expert views/suggestions/comments by Dr. Aashish Contractor are purely of recommendatory in nature. You are advised to consult your physician before adhering to the expert views/suggestions/comments. Procam International, Dr. Aashish Contractor, Asian Heart Institute, sponsors/partners of the event or any of the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon Committee persons, officials or volunteers or any persons or entities associated with the event or the directors, employees, agents or representatives of all or any of the aforementioned shall not be held liable for any injury, damage or even death which may occur by virtue of following views/ suggestions/comments expressed herein.

Title / Thread
For Knee stretch & pain
Dear Sir,
I am beginners for marathon. I just started walking (normal walk) daily 15 to 18 k.m. daily. and i finished walking within 120 min. I am getting stretching and pain on my right knee (right-up side). What should i do for it? i am using systaflame gel tube for it. please advice me for pain stretching problems.
Thanking of you

By, jayeshjainj
Posted On : 10 May 2011 ,12:06 PM2 replies
Dear Jay,
Firstly, if you are getting pain, pl reduce the distance you are walking. 120 min seems like a lot.
Also, do not exercise more than 4 days a week at present. After each exercise session, ice your knee for about 15 minutes, and see how you feel. If the pain continues, you should see a physio or a orthopedic doctor.
Dr. aashish Contractor.

Posted On : 23 Jun 2011 ,12:33 PM
Reply by, Doctor
Pain in Knee
I feel pain in the knee of my right leg ..this usually happen post running any distance above 10Kms. I would like to know what couldbe the cause

By, Gags
Posted On : 19 Mar 2011 ,10:32 PM1 reply
Pain in the knees could be due to a variety of causes, all of which we cannot state here. However, the immediate solution is to ice your knees for a good 15-20 min post each long run. The next step is to strengthen your leg muscles, especially the quadriceps, which will protect your knees.
Dr. Contractor.

Posted On : 30 Mar 2011 ,5:27 PM
Reply by, Doctor
Pain in upper Knee
Dear Doctor,

Few times while climbing the stairs or getting down from the stairs, I feel a sudden loss of power in the upper part of the right knee. The loss is also accompanied by a mild and a flash pain. I also feel some pain in the outer right of my right knee if run for fairly long distance- more than 10kms.

Apart from that what should be my target Heart Rate to complete the full marathon at a constant pace. My age is 34, weight 75, height is 173 cms and my peak HR is 200. I have a fairly muscular physique. I struggle to keep my HR below 170 even if I run at 11 km/hr. Pls advise the optimum HR and speed at which I can complete the full marathon.

By, Arun
Posted On : 09 Dec 2010 ,11:51 PM2 replies
Your training heart rate should be between 70-90% of your peak HR. If your peak HR is 200, then its not a problem if you are training at 170.
If your knees hurt the immediate solution is regular icing after working out, and strengthening your leg muscles.
HOwever, its also a good idea to show it to a physiotherapist.

Posted On : 30 Mar 2011 ,5:31 PM
Reply by, Doctor
At the ADHM on Nov 21 st , I developed cramps on mmy right calf muscle forcing me to slow down at the 19 km mark . I believe I was taking adequate fluids with minerals durng the run . Is there any advice you would give as I am planning the Mumbai HM in January

By, Daljit
Posted On : 23 Nov 2010 ,8:44 PM1 reply
Dear Daljit,

To be honest, cramps are very difficult to predict. Obviously, good quality training, and adequate fluids are necessary to avoid them, but often they occur even when everything is done right. Just make sure, you are consuming at least 150-200 ml of fluid for every 20 min, you are out there, esp in the hot weather.
When they occur, stretchin might help.

Posted On : 23 Jun 2011 ,12:41 PM
Reply by, Doctor
Participating without training
Sir, I'm a first timer, participating in Delhi HM. I started practice in August and was able to run 5 - 6 KM daily, until I got sick in the middle of Oct. Due to sickness, I suffered with ankle pain till recently. Now I have not practiced/trained at all, for the past one month. Still I'm willing to complete HM. Would be grateful for your suggestions and tips.

By, Prince
Posted On : 19 Nov 2010 ,5:35 AM1 reply
HI prince,
I am sorry for the late reply- i did not see your post earlier. i hope your ankle pain is better now.

Posted On : 23 Jun 2011 ,12:38 PM
Reply by, Doctor
Muscle mass loss
Hello Doctor,

In training for the marathon, I have lost the moderate muscle mass I had and now look pretty skinny. Any thoughts on how I can maintain a healthy look while training for long distance running?


By, VSRunner
Posted On : 13 Nov 2010 ,3:34 PM1 reply
Dear VSrunner,

While training for long distance running, you should also include some weight training as part of your routine. It does not have to be a very detailed workout, but you could include 8-10 exercises, which cover your upper and lower body. try and do 3 sets of each exercise, and each sets should consist of 12-15 reps.

You should attempt to do a weight training workout, twice a week. This will help maintain and even build your muscle mass and maintain the healthy look.

Posted On : 23 Jun 2011 ,12:37 PM
Reply by, Doctor
sir , please tell me the required for H M

By, bittu
Posted On : 12 Nov 2010 ,1:53 AM1 reply
Dear Bittu,

In terms of diet there is no 'one size fits all' type of diet. some general guidelines are. the diet should be rich in carbohydrates, as thats the mail fuel for runners (about 60% of your diet). about 20-25% from fats and the rest from proteins.
the carbs should be mostly complex carbs.
hydration is very important. make sure you drink about 200 ml of fluid for every 20 min of running, esp outdoors.

Posted On : 02 Dec 2010 ,5:42 AM
Reply by, Doctor
Improving of timing
I am 58 Yrs old and have been running Delhi Half marathon since year 2007 but my timing has been inclreasing every year.
Requeste advise how to improve my timining during this DELHI Half marathon on 21 Nov 2010

By, Babbu
Posted On : 18 Oct 2010 ,5:49 AM1 reply
Dear Mr. Babbu,

to improve your timing, you need to follow a goal oriented running schedule. i do not know your current schedule, but make sure it includes the following points.
1. there should be one 'long' run during the week. this is typically on a sat or sunday, and should be 10 km or longer. do not do more than one a week.
2. do not run more than 4 days a week.
3. include some 'speed work' in your training. for eg, run for 400 m at a faster than usual pace (not maximum), and 400 m at a very slow jog or brisk walk. repeat these about 5 times. after a few weeks, you can increase the 'intervals' to 800m.

try some of these points and get back to me. most importantly, you should have a plan in place along with 'timings' and try and stick to it.

Posted On : 25 Oct 2010 ,2:09 AM
Reply by, Doctor
knee pain
hello sir,
I am 24 yr old male have been running from last 3 years regularly now a days when i come back after running i feel little bit pain is it stating of pain after that will be more till the date i have not shown to any doctor. If possible do tell me precaution before running i should keep in mind.

By, tarun
Posted On : 15 Oct 2010 ,9:10 AM2 replies
thankyou doc...

Posted On : 29 Oct 2010 ,1:24 PM
Reply by, tarun
how to judge that a person is fit to run...
Respected sir..I DR. BHASKAR KULKARNI AGE.40 YRS..
last year i completed half marathon in 2 hrs and 18mins..but this year there was some irregularities in my BP IS 130/90mm of hg at rest..while running my pulse is 150/min..after one hr my pulse comes to 80/min..SIR. I WANT TO KNOW ..HOW SHOULD I JUDGE THAT I AM FIT TO RUN THIS YEAR ..AS I HAD ENROLLED FOR STANDARD CHARTERED MUMBAI HALF MARATHON..WAITING FOR UR REPLY... THANK YOU..

Posted On : 08 Oct 2010 ,10:28 AM2 replies
thank you .. sir

Posted On : 27 Oct 2010 ,12:51 AM
Reply by, BHASKAR
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