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Posted on 18-06-2013 | Posted by Admin

Energy runs the world. We use energy when our morning alarms go off and even while we sleep as the refrigerator hums to keep the food cold. However, there still exists a world in which energy is not readily available and where having a bulb on at night is considered a privilege. For example, in the month of July 2012, over half the population of India was without electricity for nearly two days. Over 500 million people were forced to live like cavemen in concrete jungles. Even after this incident, changes are slow to come to India. Till the time India can efficiently supply its population with energy the above incident will be a constant reminder to India and the rest of the world on the importance of energy conservation.Power outages like these occur due to inefficient resource management and poor awareness in the society. The problem of inefficient resource management can be solved by creating a better supply chain and using more energy efficient alternatives. For example, installation of LEDs instead of CFLs and bulbs can lead to significant savings in power. Tapping into alternate sources of energy such as solar energy, tidal energy and wind energy will help reduce the heavy dependence on non-renewable resources. This will also reduce pollution levels, hence leaving behind a small carbon footprint. The other side towards creating a more energy efficient future is by educating the general public on the importance of saving energy. This can be done through awareness campaigns and educating the youth about the benefits of energy conservation. Promoting Environmental Clubs and Environmental Education in schools will create a sense of moral responsibility in the leaders of tomorrow. All in all every action can help create a greener future.

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