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Posted on 16-06-2013 | Posted by Admin

Earth is collapsing and dying. Humanity is systematically destroying the biodiversity, ecosystems, climate, and biosphere upon which all life depends. Earth's ecosystems continue to be plundered for profit as if air, land, water and oceans have no value. Climate change is an important yet singular part of a more widespread collapse of the global biosphere – the thin mantle of life surrounding the planet – as industrial growth destroys nature . There remains only a short time to stop the industrial growth machine from destroying the biosphere. There is no replacement, no backup biosphere. Either the human family comes together now to cut emissions and protect ecosystems, or we follow the current path towards our doom. Experts believe that abrupt climate change, global ecosystem loss, and biosphere collapse threaten the well-being of the entire human family and of all life. This crisis is only survivable if we drastically cut emissions and move at once to protect natural ecosystems. Continued exponential human and industrial growth at the expense of ecosystems can only end in ecological and social collapse. The clock is ticking. It's time to act. In view of the recent tragedy in Uttarakhand, where nature has unleashed its fury on humanity, we need to remind ourselves constantly of the need to respect Mother Nature. Our hearts go out to all victims of the calamity, and we hope it serves as a grim reminder to do our bit to reduce our impact on natural resources.

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