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Posted on 13-05-2013 | Posted by Anonymous

Water conservation has assumed immense importance in today’s scenario. An average person can survive for nearly two months without food, but less than a week without drinking water. Right from personal consumption and hygiene purposes to manufacturing processes in industries, water is indispensible for existence!

With countries and states at conflict with each other to exercise their rights on natural water resources, there is a lot of momentum that has been generated with regards to raising awareness about the need to protect and preserve our precious rivers and oceans!

This year, the world is coming together for the cause of water conservation with 2013 being the United Nations International Year of Water Co-operation. TCS World 10K proudly supports the cause and is providing this platform for all runners and environment lovers to connect with experts’ advice and opinion on the issue of water resource management.

There is a dire need for water resources management issues to be addressed at local, national, regional and international levels. When we think of our water footprint, most of us just consider direct usage such as the water we drink or use to take a shower. We rarely recognize indirect usage that results from the water used to produce, grow or manufacture the items we use.

Few of us would know that it takes more than 30 liters of water to produce one slice of wheat bread or that an average toilet uses 8 liters of clean water in one flush. It is when we get to know such facts that we are inspired to make changes in our daily routine. People all over the world have been warming up to the task of taking their own steps and making a difference! All we need is a direction to adopt the right path and the means to achieve the goal of water conservation.

Keep watching this space for interesting insights and tips from water conservation experts!

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