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Each running of the SCMM focuses our attention and drives support on a multitude of causes. The SCMM is probably one of the most important platforms for these causes and the people behind them. Each cause at the SCMM has believers who have been inspired to run for what they support. Amidst so many stories we came across one story which inspires.Runners who run not for charity but for their right to be identified as Indians

“Run for Roshni” is a community project started by RoshniRai. Roshni who hails from Pedong in Darjeeling district is a legal executive with a large MNC in Mumbai. As a Gorkhawho’s mother tongue is Nepali people assumed she was a migrant from Nepal. Nepali is a recognized language in the constitution and is one of the languages on the rupee notes. This personal identity crisis which was felt by all the other Indian Gorkhas inspired her to build awareness for Indian Gorkhas on a larger platform.

Roshni who is a runner and has represented India in the Comrades marathon could think of nothing better than the SCMM as the best platform for her cause. The 2012 SCMM saw 23 Gorkha runners sporting T-Shirts with the slogan “We are the Gorkhas, proud to be an Indian”.

In the SCMM 2014 “Run for Roshni” has 29 runners. In keeping with the SCMM’s appeal across geographies 17 runners have made the long 3 day rail journey from Darjeeling. In the best SCMM charity tradition – 12 more runners have bought bibs.

SCMM continues to get us more stories. Amongst the Gorkha are 4 who paid for their own bibs. Amongst the other runners we have someone who is running the half marathon in memory of her father who passed away 4 months ago, a Landmark coach from Delhi who has been running for the Gorkhas since 2011 and a gym instructor who has been funded by his students.

The funds from selling these bibs have been immediately deployed in the cause. Selling these bibs have helped in funding the Darjeeling based runners stay in Mumbai. They are now able to spend a week in Mumbai to train and acclimatize. In the previous years they had only 2 days to recover, prepare and run. The team hopes that this stay would help them perform better and draw more attention to their cause.

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