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Running is so tedious, painful and exhausting, so why do we run at all? People run for many reasons- to lose weight or to achieve an ideal body weight, for better health, to stay fit and the list goes on. Running is an effective way to lose those additional pounds and also to prevent weight gain, which everyone dreads! However, that does not imply that running or exercise is all you need to lose weight. A healthy and well balanced diet also adds on to the weight loss.

How fast a person runs has little effect on the number of calories that would be burned. The most important factor is WEIGHT.  For example, a person weighing 100kgs, running 8 minutes per kilometer will burn 150 calories, while a 55kg person running at the same pace, burns only 82 calories. Most runners lose tremendous weight effortlessly at first, but eventually their weight stops declining and reaches a plateau. In order to continue losing weight, some runners intensify their workouts while other recreational runners maintain their ideal body weight with consistent running.

Health benefits attained from running are incentives that motivate a runner. For instance, running helps low blood pressure and strengthens the heart muscles, thus delaying and preventing heart attacks. More importantly, running helps maximize the lungs potential and keeps them strong and powerful.

Runners claim that their addiction goes beyond the physical and health benefits they achieve from running. The intense exhilaration and euphoria that comes after a run is what motivates them the most.  This euphoria or intense “high” comes from an endorphin (hormone) release after a run, thus alleviating the pain and bringing about a feeling of happiness and exhilaration.

 “For better running, watch WHAT you eat and WHEN you eat it!” Runners pay close attention to their diets. Carbohydrates are important for runners as they supply the required energy to the muscles. Hence, carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates-whole grains, pulses, legumes, fruits and vegetables) should supply 60% of food intake in runners. In the same manner, protein intakes are equally important for a runner. The protein requirements are based on the body weight of the runner and not on the distance, speed and intensity of running. Hence, protein in the form of high biological value (egg whites, low fat milk and milk products) should be provided after a run. This is done so as to repair and replace the proteins that were lost during running. While running, fat and fluids are lost in large amounts and quantities. In the case of weight loss, a low fat diet will help achieve the target weight or maintain the ideal body weight. Excessive fluid loss while running can lead to dehydration; hence adequate fluid intake is the most important recommendation not only for running but for all types of exercise. The Principle of 3 R’s should be followed after a run- REHYDRATION, REFUELLING and REST to facilitate the recovery process.

In the end, it all comes down to the fact that the exercise you do is better than the exercise you don’t do! So running is an easily accessible activity – with a decent pair of sneakers and with some determination the impossible is possible!

Provided below is a Nutrition Plan for a Male weighing 80kg, involved in a 45 minute run every morning.



Pre- Workout

Banana (1 number) + Skimmed milk (½ cup)

Post- Workout

Buttermilk (500ml)


Whole wheat roti (2 number) + Egg ( whites) bhurji  (1 katori) + Skimmed milk ( 1 glass)

Mid- Morning

Fruit Salad – Watermelon + Apple (1 medium bowl)


Vegetable Pulao (1 small bowl) + Cucumber raita ( ½ katori)


Green tea (1 cup) + Mixed nuts – Almonds + Walnuts (1 katori)

Mid – Evening

Mushroom soup (1 small bowl)


Whole wheat roti (2 number) + Cauliflower-soyabean subji (1 katori) + Lemony Salad (1 small bowl)

Bed Time

Skimmed milk ( 500ml)

* For a customized Nutrition Plan, kindly contact Qua Nutrition at 080-32329292

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Ryan Fernando is a celebrity Nutrition Coach to a host of Athletes. Ryan’s clients include 2 GUINNESS world record Holders in feats of Human Endurance, 2 time Olympic Medal winner Sushil Kumar, Film stars and CEO’s. Ryan is also the sports nutrition advisor at BODYFUELZ,Co-founder at QUA NUTRITION- SIGNATURE CLINIC, founder of and lecturer for ISSA (International Society of Sports Association).Ryan is also a life Member with the NUTRITION SOCIETY of INDIA. He is a British Commonwealth Scholar and holds 2 Masters Degrees, Food Biotechnology from the University of Strathclyde in Scotland and Clinical Biochemistry from the Goa Medical College. He is also a certified Performance Nutrition Expert. Ryan has conducted over a thousand lectures in the last ten years on Nutrition and Nutritional Supplements. He is also a guest speaker at various forums on Sports and Fitness Nutrition.



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