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Yesterday, while crossing Noida DND flyover, I saw the risen levels of Yamuna. The speed of water was as fast as generally visible only in hilly areas.

Suddenly, a thought struck me. In last two decades, approx 1500crores have been spent on Yamuna cleaning but nothing much could be done. Perhaps the amount of efforts put in to clean minus the dilution of these efforts ( in the form of diverting funds to areas well known to all of us) by the time funds reaches to Yamuna, is not more than or even equals to the efforts being put in by the industries plus individuals to mix the pollutants into it. However, one week’s speedy flow of water, enforced by nature, will clear all muck out of Yamuna.

Present natural destruction of Uttrakhand have brought in light the serious violation and exploitation of nature and its products. The mushrooming of hotels, numerous mining projects, and non adherence to deceleration of 100km stretch along the Bhagirathi river as ‘Eco sensitive zone’, by the Uttrakhand government has led to this destruction.

So, Nature has to take the drivers seat, to set equilibrium of Eco system. And when God/ Nature takes on the efforts in His hands, He is bound to be more bothered about the well being of Universe at large then of the small things which get destructed in the bargain. As it is, these small things were actually the reason of disturbing the ecology and its equilibrium. It is very painful to see many of our brothers and families facing death and getting homeless. But the fact remains, that, it is we only who sowed these seeds, so our generations only will face the music. Those who are struck in situation will perhaps remember it for long now and learn to save nature and themselves. But those who are watching this only on TV may not perhaps still learn the lesson.

Every time through such acts Natures conveys the lesson to us. “Like God, the master of Universe, is responsible to take care of his creation. We, master of our body and mind are responsible to take care of it”. The only difference is that God is great master and can take on things any time from our hands. We are weaklings and so easily surrender our health to destructive habits.

Mankind has always been a lazy creature. In order to achieve its own comfort, we not only compromise with the things, as important and big as ecology but also as small but even more important thing as our body. It all starts with compromises of small nature. Gradually, over a period of time we do not come to know how much big and large impact these small steps leave on ecology as well as on our body.

We are treating our bodies in the same casual way as we treat our nature. It starts with the trend of indoor games/ video games culture prevalent among kids. The same life style they carry to adolescence and when they grow up. Further, due to over pressure of earning comfortable living adding on to metro nuisances leads to no time for physicals. Forget about physicals, we are least bothered about what we eat. We give up to our wrong habits and taste buds.

The production factory of our body is still same what it was during Neolithic era. This body was competent enough to outrun the animals and digest the raw flesh. Today, over a period of 100s of years we have spoiled ourselves and diluted our body energies to such an extent that we are not able to even carry our blood properly through arteries. Boys as young as 26 years are heard of having heart troubles. This is blatant violation of laws of nature in the form of exploitation of human body. So, as and when we violate these laws and create imbalance in body or nature, losses are bound to occur.

When I got injured in 1999 during the Kargil war, I was evacuated to reach hospital as brought dead. It was sheer luck of mine that a senior doctor was present in that small hospital who had the expertise to see some life visible somewhere. My second life started in the form, like a badly damaged car which needed repair in workshop/ hospital for as long as an year. Each part of my body was injured and its total weight after two months of injury was just 28 kgs. This was inspite of many bottles of blood and protein already pumped in directly inside me. I started off from that level and realised the potential of this body to reach where I am today and this still certainly not the end of it.

Today, I perforce have to keep my body moving so that, like an old car there should not be any sludge accumulation happening and I keep the parts fit and mobile. I do not have any choice then to stay fit but perhaps you all have. Perhaps that is the reason you are waiting till the damage happens and then you pump in money to doctors as flood relief program to recover out of it. Well, choice is yours.

Otherwise, idea is simple. Efforts are simple. Just wear your jogging suit and come out on road. The early morning fresh air, around dawn, is the best time to rejuvenate your body and mind. Start with walking and gradually pick up running. The culture of participating in marathons is picking up and is the best way to motivate oneself to run. Let you live the life you are suppose to, before it is too late. Run, let the blood flowing in your body speeds up and clear all blockages created over a period of time. Let oxygen gets pumped in to keep you fresh. Let you taste the actual state of your able body. Let you get really tired to actually get revived by the mental tiredness you get everyday. Let you have a sound sleep at night. Let you get so thirsty to feel the taste of fresh water. Let the fire in your belly crave for food, the real food. Let the glow of your face comes out on it’s on and permanently, not for few hours by applying facial. Let you feel like human. Let you smile at life forever. Run, not from life but for life. Run, before its too late and you run short of time to run. Save this nature and save yourself.

Happy running.


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