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With what started as a greed for medals, my inclination to running now has transformed to being a “way of life “. After slashing the weight figure by 12 kg , I was feeling better and lighter . I had set my eyes on TCS world 10k marathon and vowed to improve my timing, with friend JJ at work being my reference – he clocked almost an hour last time around and got a enviable Nike dry-fit shirt .With my last year timing of 1 hr and 20 minutes and with my current weight this felt impossible.

I spread the marathon virus to some of my friends and family members. And yes they succumbed and we started training from April .With Vishu being the first to join the brigade , Dippy , bhanu , santosh ,sunay to follow .The group inflated with Sanj’s , Chan’s , Shru’s,steff, kiran , Smith’s ,Gan’s and PP by mid of May. Santosh and Sunay pledged to run next time. With all fervor we trained and did very Bangalore thing: Breakfast at MTR’s on Sunday .All the run, all the fun during training kept our spirits on high till the race day.

All of my cousins camped at my place and at the break of dawn we headed to stadium. With the crowd swarming up at an exponential rate we secured our self in the holding area. It was 8.00am when we heard go and by the time I crossed the start line it read 8.04. With a crowd of almost 10, 000, covering the first 2km was Herculean .I had resolved to run despite this. I cleared, ran on footpath, off the median and gained momentum and maintained the same till the end. When I reached the finish line it was 9:00:55 am .I was elated and ecstatic .After gasping for breath and cooling down I said to my inner self “Mission possible ! ” . I beat JJ, stood 759th in overall ranking, will get the Cool Nike dry-fit Shirt that says “IM A FINISHER “!!! And to top it all timing within 1 hr …wow! I have raised the bar and set target for the later half of the year. Watch out for this space and say Amen! :)

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About the author: Arun Sachidanandamurthy


Arun Sachidananda is runner from Bangalore who is a Independent Filmmaker, Photography Enthusiast Communication Student from Bangalore. He loves to run in Lalbagh and streets around Bangalore.

Website: http://arunsachie.blogspot.com


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