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Do’s and Don’t’s a week before the run

–        Rest well and do not exert yourself during the week – your body needs to build reserves rather than deplete them at this time. Think positive and reflect on the good runs and training you have had, rather on the training that you missed
–        Test the gear you are going to run in – shoes, socks, undergarments, shorts and T shirt – and sunglasses or cap, headband etc over the course of this week and make sure you are comfortable in them
–        Ensure that you sleep well (around 7 to 8 hrs), especially the last couple of days
–        Do not think of work and your life’s worries. Think of the course and the fun and excitement you are going to have
–        Cut your toe nails
Nutrition for the week before the run
–        Relish on the Carbohydrates
–        Eat more carbohydrates – rice, pasta etc and reduce snacks, deep fried foods
–        Hydrate well with water, juices, tender coconut
–        Reduce alcohol, while you drink more water and juices to build your body’s hydration levels
–        Have the same breakfast you are planning to have on the event, a couple of days before and go for a short run
Details for the day before:
–        Relax – physically and mentally
–        DO NOT exert yourself and try and stay off your feet as much as you can
–        Focus on the days of your training when you felt really good
–        Visualize yourself running the course, Watch interesting Running / Marathon videos
–        Get family and friends to cheer you
–        Plan your breakfast and ensure you have it available for the next day
–        Drink more water through the day than usual
–        Have an early and a heavy carbohydrate lunch
–        Eat dinner early and eat well. Do not eat more than usual
–        Sleep early a few hours after dinner
Do Not:
–        Do lot’s of work at home – you may strain yourself or pull your back
–        Eat anything new – your stomach might not handle it well
–        Think of how little you have trained or how unfit you are feeling
–        Have a late night
Packing for the event
–        Get your kit out for race day – shorts, undergarments, shoes, socks, T shirt with bib number pinned, Hydration belt, Cap, Sun glass
–        Timing chip to be tied on the shoe (assuming that you do not run Barefoot)
–        Make sure there is no sand/ grit in your shoes
–        Energy Gels, Raisin, Chocolates, Salt Sachet
–        Bottled water or energy drink for pre-run
–        Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) or Body lotion
–        Wristwatch, HR Belt, Headband
–        iPod
–        Mobile, Camera (only if necessary)
–        Mobile App, Wristwatch settings
–        Ensure the electronic devices are charged
–        Medication
Morning before the run:
–        Get up 3 hrs before the run
–        Pray for your and other running buddies success
–        Apply Body lotion at body parts (Nipples, Under arms, Hip areas, feet) to prevent  chafing / blisters during the run
–        Apply Sunscreen lotion
–        Shoe lace well tied. Double knot preferred
–        Do a light warm up
–        Be at the start position atleast 30 mins before the start of the run. If you are not a very fast runner, do let the faster runners be ahead of you to let them move forward
–        Network with other runners when in the start line. This helps you to relax yourself physically and mentally
Breakfast (2 hrs) before the run
–        Avoid experimenting with any new food or drink
–        Have a light breakfast of a banana/ orange juice and water as soon as you wake up
–        Veg Sandwich with Tomato, Cucumber, Jam or Honey, Banana
–        Hopefully this is not new for you – this is quick to digest, and is energy giving
–        Caffeine too helps
–        Energy drink
During your run
–        Start slower than normal
–        It is very easy to get carried away by the enthusiasm of the crowd and the atmosphere
–        Smile at others, and cheer on fellow runners – it lightens your load
–        Breathe well
–        Follow running etiquettes
–        Sprint the last 100m – you will end on a high
–        Smile for the cameras – you will treasure the great photos of yourself
Post the run
–        Walk briskly for 5 minutes
–        Stretch / Cool down
–        Congratulate yourself
–        Do NOT sit to relax
–        Reward yourself with a healty breakfast
This post originally appeared first on http://racedayprep.blogspot.in/
Thomas Bobby Philip is a runner and has participated in many races including TCS World 10K Bangalore 2013.

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