These crusaders have dared to think beyond themselves and bring about a change in the society.

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Ajay K Bakaya

Ajay K Bakaya says,
“RUNNING is akin to life. Phases, seasons, moods. Uphills and pitfalls. Building character, and testing it. Good and bad days. A bit of discipline. There's one big difference though. The wind's always in your favour ! And so beautifully in your face. GIVING. I am more fortunate than so many others today. I was helped by overwhelming kindness and generosity along my journey of life. I enjoy the sharing. It makes for a few smiles. Some welcome happiness! You're welcome to join me in running. If that's a bit much, please do join in giving...”
Ajay K Bakaya is supporting Pragati.

Pragati provides underprivileged children an opportunity to make wider choices through higher quality primary school education and lifeskills training.

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