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SUNITA GODARA is a former Indian marathon runner. She is the 1992 Asian Marathon Champion. She became the national marathon champion first time in 1984 by winning Delhi Marathon. She won medals in the Penang and Kedah marathons. Sunita Godara holds the record of running the maximum marathons run by an Indian. She received Arjuna award for her achievements.

She has runs in 71 full marathons, starting with the Rath Marathon in 1984. She finished first 25 times, second 12 times and third 14 times. In addition to that, she won 23 half marathons and has runs 200 international races in all continents. In 1990 she clocked 2 hours 49.21 minutes to become the first Indian to win a world class race. She won medals in the Penang and Kedah marathons. She also carried the Olympic Torch at the 1996 Centennial Olympics at Atlanta.

Questions and Answers

  • Q. How can i increase my speed, I am 1:48:35 finisher for half marathon. I want to finish it in 1:30:00.

    A. See my workout plan attached to clock 1:30 min – for speedy time 3 workouts are important – Fartlek, Race Pace trail Run of 10-12 Km and most important 1Km repetitions x 6 times 15sec faster than your marathon pace ( 3:35sec -3:40sec/km with full recovery of 3-5min in between reps)

  • Q. Hello Mam ,
    Just wanted to ask you that as running day is coming close , for how much time i should run as i usually come home after 8

    A. For next three weeks 50km a week at least 4-5 times a week. the week before the marathon taper down your mileage and do more interval training. Go thru my work out plan/Chart. Attached.

  • Q. Hello there! I don’t know how to continue the race with speed because it feels some tiredness during race so please suggest some conclusion! So that i should train on your golden words! and please tell me how to get train for Delhi half marathon suggest some steps please thanks a lot!

    A. I can only suggest you any training program once I know what is your running background? Attaching on chat which has all basic training workouts to finish a marathon. Go to face book page of Reebok Running squad where you will find a calendar program for beginners. Check both and see which one you can follow.

  • Q. Suggest some exercise for thigh and knee. Also some tips for half marathon.

    A. For thighs and knees – half squat, leg press and leg extension are recommended. Why don’t you join RRS group in Delhi. Trainers are giving good conditioning workouts. For Marathon tips see the attached files.

  • Q. Proper clothing so that i do feel neither cold at starting nor overheated during run on the race day according to the weather on 15th december 2013.Thanks in advance

    A. thin cotton used half T shirt and on top a running vest, two layers would be ok.

  • Q. As i live in Uttarakhand, Nainital so it will difficult to train in Delhi as it is too far my town so please reveal some steps so that i can focus on that major points and i can run 5.5 kms in 25 minutes and please tell in what way should i practice for race?

    A. Try to follow the training plan attached suggested by me for achieving your time target

  • Q. I am running the Half Marathon for the 1st time. Am doing practice runs of 6-10 km thrice a week. Recently done 8 km in 53 min @6.64 min per km). Is it possible for me to maintain the same pace & complete the half marathon in about 2 hrs 40 min?

    A. Yes, it is possible provided now you concentrate on slow fast training along with the mileage you are already doing. See my suggestive workout plan which with the fundamental basic important points of marathon training to achieve reasonable goal in terms of performance.
    Fundamental basic important points of Marathon Training,

    1.    Total Mileage in a week
    2.    Body Composition
    3.    Fartlek/interval training/Race Pace workouts
    4.    Speed Work-Repetitions/ Strengthening
    5.    Proper Rest, Recovery and Nutrition
  • Q. Should a marathoner take breath from mouth or nose during running?

    A. Should a marathoner take breath from mouth or nose during running?

  • Q. I have to run 22 km but my knee pain is very high so pls suggest me why i am doing

    A. Never Run in the pain it may aggravate the injury. Do ice pack treatments. …cut down the mileage. In fact it is better to listen to your body and taper down your work outs. Treat your pain first. Marathon is round the corner. Take it easy.

  • Q. I tend to get blisters when I run long. I am using kayano19 as shoes. My feet do not sweat much. Just that my smallest finger tend to get blister as it slips under finger next to it.

    A. Put Vaseline on your fingers before wearing your socks. Any thin socks are good. For the long Run and Race the finger which goes in put elastoplasts/bandaid round the finger to avoid friction.

  • Q. Can i prepare for a half marathon within a month …if i’m a frequent runner…..of 7 miles …in which i also do hill runs..n sprints..and 5km speed runs ?

    A. For a normal Marathon Runner you are doing good training. Now just do 18km Long Slow Distance once a week till 10th of Dec before marathon. That is to train local muscular fatigue rest is fine. Just go thru my suggestive trg program to get more confidence. Best of luck.

  • Q. I am 26yrs male. I had completed last year Delhi half marathon in 2.5 hours; and this year I target to complete in 2 hours. I started my running training from Sep’13 onwards. I run in mornings five days a week. And from that time I have continuously increased my distance covered on running. But from last week, I am feeling huge pain in lower portion of my left leg..Front calf. Even I feel crank on running. I cant take another step after that pain. I have just shown my legs to a specialist and he is saying of Vitamin D deficiency..& something stress related issue. And recommended me no walking/running for next 6 weeks. When its 30 days to this year marathon, I am feeling so numb. What should I do now? Is there any scientific reason of my this pain? How can I recover fast? Can I still participate in marathon? Please suggest

    A. I would suggest …get an x’ray done to ensure it is not a hairline fracture due to stress. Once the x’ray is clean then for a week follow the doctor’s instructions. No jarring movements….so instead of running do gym, cycling and treat your injury first. Gym and 45min static cycling would keep your fitness in shape. You have not mentioned how many km you were doing/ secondly was it drastic increase in mileage? Were you doing everyday running on tar Road or treadmill? What kind of Shoes? Diet? Nutrients? There may be any reason out of these mentioned above.

  • Q. I workout in the gym, i can run as well .. I was 95kgs and now i am around 80 .. But, having said that. i never ran for 21 long kilometers together ever . What and how should i prepare myself ?

    A. You should continue your gym workout for conditioning three times a week. Another 4 days can go for a slow jogging minimum 5km and max 10 km. you may increase the mileage gradually …First try Jog walk then slowly increase the jog and cut down walk.. The thumb rule of marathon is your bank balance of mileage. At least 40-50 km in a week. Watch your weight. Marathon Tips attached for you.

  • Q. I m going to take part first time in delhi half marathon. at present i covererd 16 km distance in 84 mins. is it possible for me to finish the race within 2hours. How should i train myself?

    A. Yes it is possible. Attaching a suggestive workout plan to follow at least 3-4 work outs from that. Marathon tips also attached.



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