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Wastes from Yesterday, Upcyled Today - for a Greener Tomorrow!

How often do we think about what we do with our wastes? 'Rarely' would be the answer most of us would give to that question. Out of convention, we adopt the more convenient means such as giving out stuff to raddiwalas or using cloth bags instead of plastics. Ever wondered if they can be put to better use than just heaping up as useless stuff in landfills? The need to find alternative ways to deal with our waste has never been greater.

And it's now possible through upcycling..

Simply put, upcycling is the upgraded form of recycling. It involves turning waste material into a better-quality product. Upcycling has always been ingrained in our culture in little ways. Our grandmothers, for instance, used old medicine boxes to keep their sewing kits. There are all sorts of examples of upcycling, ranging from building houses out of entirely discarded materials to turning plastic bags into yarn for knitting.

Upcycling is giving a second life to reclaimed materials, with added value. Instead of doing what "regular" recycling does - degrading materials to reuse them -, upcycling makes the most of them to create objects, decorative items, clothes, etc. that make the original products worth more than they did to start with.

Upcycling has seen an increase in use due to its current marketability and the lowered cost of reused material. A very evident example of this is statistics from, where one can currently find almost 220,000 items tagged as upcycled (up from just under 30,000 in January 2011 - an increase of about 730 per cent).

Upcycling makes for brilliant Do-It-Yourself projects as well. So let your creative side out, grab your tools and start-off.

"Let's try a new way of treating junk".

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